Patek Philippe Twenty4 Gold Diamonds background

Review: Patek Philippe Twenty~4

Patek Philippe Twenty4 Steel Diamonds
Automatic Caliber 324 S C or Quartz Caliber E15
Steel and Diamond or Rose Gold and Diamond
Steel, Rose Gold and Satin
Blue, Black, Brown, Grey, or White
Scratch resistant sapphire crystal
Water Resistance
< 30 metres
30mm and 36mm
Set crown or set with diamond
2 years
£9,000 - £295,000

The Patek Twenty~4 is a 10-piece series of watches that are wildly diverse and exquisite. Each timepiece is unique yet equally elegant, be it stainless steel or rose gold. It is simple when it needs to be, adding a level of professionalism that you don’t always see and expect from fancier watches of big-name brands like this. However, the level of practicality is tenderly balanced with elegance and style, so you’re almost assuredly going to fall in love with these designs.

The purpose of this review is to cover what makes the Patek Twenty~4 line of women’s watches so good. The article will go over the main features of the pieces and the individual pleasantries of the design, from the dial and face of the watch to the casing and comfortability on the wrist.

With a total of 10 pieces to cover, this can seem daunting, but you’ll find that throughout the article, the sections will cover the generalised themes and point out any significant outliers and select models that stand out for a specific purpose. Now, without further ado, here is the Patek Twenty~4 range!


The dials and designs of the faces are actually quite simple overall. A return to simplistic designs that are practical and easy to read and recognise is never a bad thing. It adds a level of professionalism to these watches. The two main models are a chrome face in a single colour, with a radial gradient, with the other being a monochrome, pearlescent colour scheme. Both are excellent in their own right for being pragmatic and yet pretty.

The numbers are all displayed in the generic number patterns, making it easy to read at a glance, with the contrast between numerals and hands from the background being stark and striking. The seconds are also divided into their subdivisions by an outer ring that matches the numbers and hands.

Patek Philippe Twenty4 Steel Diamonds
Patek Philippe Twenty4 Gold Diamonds (set bracelet)

Notable outliers would be the rectangular designs, which feature Roman numerals for their 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock times, with the rest of the numbers being represented by diamond inserts. Another outlier would be with some of the rose gold options, two of which bear a matching pattern of horizontal and vertical lines across the face of the watch, adding another level of detail to the normally simple background.

The most out-there design would undoubtedly be the model that features a scaled pattern not only on the face but on the case and wrist as well, all formed by being entirely covered in diamonds alternating in size. Indeed, this is the busiest of designs, but this would be fitting for the woman who is busy at all times.


Following the theme of fashionably pragmatic, the cases are stylish but simple. Around the glass is a ring of diamond studs that are sure to catch the eye of the colleagues of an accomplished businesswoman or the attention of any partygoers while attending an evening event.

Patek Philippe Twenty4 Gold Diamonds Quartz

The casings are made from either stainless steel or 18-karat rose gold, both of which are incredibly popular for their balance of restraint and beauty. The casing is comfortable and comes in 30mm size. While this may be rather large for some, the size must not be a significant issue, as the line is very popular. This is a watch to wear with confidence.

The open-backed casing also reveals the intricate and automatic mechanism, which shows the precision that this watch was crafted with. The finished design is sure to make any onlooker swoon at the finished product. It should be noted that the rectangular models have a strip of diamonds along the sides of the face, complementing the diamond inlays on the dial, which represent the numbers. Regardless of shape, the overall finished product is bedazzling.



For the most part, each timepiece has a bracelet made from the same material as the case, whether stainless steel or 18-karat rose gold. This finishes the effect and completes the look by extending the colour scheme. It is a bit of a disappointment that Patek Philippe does not offer additional strap options, as not everyone likes the feel of full metal around their wrist.

Patek Philippe Twenty4 Gold Diamonds (case back)

Following the diamond-encrusted theme, some rose gold models are diamond-encrusted along the edges of the bracelets. The model with the scaled model on the dial mentioned earlier has that same pattern made from alternating diamonds spreading across the entirety of the bracelet. Needless to say, this diamond-covered model is the most expensive.

All in all, the watches are acceptably comfortable, if a bit large with their 36mm size. The designs aren’t too flashy, save the one covered entirely in diamonds, and this lends well to the pragmatic design meant for the professional businesswoman.

Patek Philippe Twenty4 Gold Diamonds (brown)

It is also worth mentioning that two of the rectangular options have a satin fabric and fold-over clasp strap, which is far more comfortable for some. However, the rectangular shape of the case and dial can be awkward for some, so it seems to be a catch-22 for those who don’t like metal bracelets or rectangular watches.


As you would expect from a company such as Patek Philippe, the prices are quite something. At their unveiling, the rose gold models were listed at £36,200 (or $45,131). The stainless-steel variants were listed at £20,813 (or $25,948). Finally, the most expensive options were the diamond-encrusted variants, which were an astounding £45,249 (or $56,409). This is a massive price for a worthy diamond-encrusted watch.

Patek Philippe Twenty4 Gold Diamonds (full paved diamonds)

Needless to say, these prices are incredibly steep. More models have been added to this line post-initial release, which all fall into these price ranges. Luckily, no models are more expensive than the staggering £45,249. The price is, understandably, the most significant deterrent, but quality style comes at a cost.

Patek Philippe Twenty4 Gold Diamonds background
Review: Patek Philippe Twenty~4
Final Thoughts
The Patek Twenty~4 range is filled with 10 highly stylised and professional-looking watches that are perfect for any businesswoman who wants to add some flair to her business or evening wear. The prices are incredibly steep, but this adds to the prestige of owning one of these pieces. Needless to say, this makes an excellent gift for a loved one.
Quality, premium cases
Automatic and Quartz models available
Available in round or rectangle models
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No leather strap option
Lack of features
There may be better options for price point
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