Review: Tudor Clair de Rose

Calibre 2671 self-winding or Calibre 2824 self-winding
Steel, alligator-leather or satin-fabric
Opaline or Opaline with diamonds
Scratch resistant sapphire crystal
Water Resistance
< 100 metres
26mm, 30mm or 34mm
Steel screw-down
5 years
£1,400 - £2,300

Tudor is a name brand that inspires images of elegance and grace, with intricate and beautiful designs for watches. Their Clair de Rose line is no exception. Since it was revamped in 2017, Tudor has returned to a more traditional style with this line of women’s watches. Yet, the design still screams pedigree and style and is sure to captivate the eyes and soul of any onlookers.

The purpose of this review is to highlight the prestige of what it’s like to own and wear such a watch. Tudor has offered their Clair de Rose for some years now, and the initial design which bore the symbol of the signature rose was popular for quite some time. However, as time went on and Tudor recognized a decline in popularity, they decided a redesign was in order. 

Thus, they completely redid the design and offered it in 18 slightly different versions. A return to tradition was just what was needed to breathe new life into this line, so let’s take a look at why the Clair de Rose is such an elegant and wanted watch.


At a glance, the watches and the various models in this line are incredibly similar, with only a few minute differences. The watches come in three different sizes: 26mm, 30mm, and 34mm. In each of these size categories, you’ll find six different watches, divided based on their strap and the dial type. To begin with, let’s look at the design of the face, based on color and features, before going into describing the smaller details and filigree.

The basic design is flawless and merely excellent to behold. The Roman numeral number scheme is but one step towards tradition from the original design, which featured diamond encrusting in place of the numbers. The handles and numbers are all in blue, to contrast with the silver design of the casing and face.

Tudor Clair de Rose Steel
Tudor Clair de Rose Steel

Looking deeper at the finer details, you’ll notice that the inner radial guilloché follows the seconds’ subdivisions. The outer ring of Clou de Paris decoration, just past the numerals, follows the seconds, as well. This is another testament to the precision that went into the design of the dial. There are actually two different options to further customize the dial face. 

You can purchase a watch with a diamond-set dial that features diamonds set in the place of the numbers in between the quarterly divisions. This is much like the previous iterations of the watches in this line. The other option is to have an opaline dial that displays all Roman numerals without diamonds.


As stated above, the watch has three different case sizes: 26mm, 30mm, and 34mm. These are all comfortable for any wrist size and are quite durable. The crowns are all screw-down and very secure, with the case back being made from stainless steel. 

Tudor Clair de Rose Steel and diamonds (fabric strap)
Tudor Clair de Rose Steel and diamonds (fabric strap)

One of the main selling features that Tudor is quite proud of is that the watch is completely waterproof, not just water-resistant, up to 100 meters. This has been a long-time characteristic of Tudor watches and is one of their “unique traits”. Nonetheless, it is a high selling point and one to keep in mind for all the swimmers out there.

Overall, the watches have a fairly basic design that takes the more pragmatic approach. This idea of practicality over fanciful designs is another step towards the traditional style of watches, and it works incredibly well. The overall effect is a stylish and professional finish that captivates with its simple design. It is definitely a showstopper.


The comfort is of incredible quality, just as you would expect from a company like Tudor. As mentioned before, the watches are divided into three different size categories and then further divided based on minute differences. One of the differences is the strap type you get with the watch. They offer the more traditional black alligator strap for those of you who are fans of the classics. 

Tudor Clair de Rose Steel and diamonds (steel strap)
Tudor Clair de Rose Steel and diamonds (steel strap)

For a more modern look, you can get the watch with a fabric strap that is easy to wear and is always comfortable, favoring the pragmatic look mentioned above. Finally, a steel bracelet is offered as standard with their watches. This is for those who prefer the more conventional look of full-metal watches.

Rest assured, no matter the type of bracelet or strap you choose, it will be comfortable and smooth on the skin. The straps are all comfortable and secure, and the variety in sizes means you can fit it to any wrist nicely. The watch itself isn’t heavy at all, which is a pleasant surprise for a design that possesses such intricate mechanical parts. Not only is this watch a beautiful piece of work, but it’s also incredibly comfortable. You simply won’t want to take it off.

Tudor Clair de Rose Steel and diamonds (leather strap)
Tudor Clair de Rose Steel and diamonds (leather strap)


The prices vary based on the size category and the various different straps and bracelets that appear on each watch. Generally, you’ll be looking at a price range from roughly £1,500 (or $1,860) to £2,400 (or $3,000).

For the 34 mm size, it costs £1,850 (or $2,274) for the steel bracelets and £1,650 (or $2,067) for the straps. The 30 mm size, you’ll be looking at £1,740 (or $2,170) and £1,575 (or $1,964) for the steel bracelet and strap, respectively. For the 26 mm size, it costs £1,658 (or $2,067) for the steel bracelets and £1,492 (or $1,860) for the straps. The price differs depending on whether you select the model with diamond set dial.

Tudor Clair de Rose Steel (fabric strap)

Overall, the prices are quite flexible and fair for a watch of this pedigree. Affordable for a gift, or even for oneself, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Review: Tudor Clair de Rose
Final Thoughts
Tudor is a name that inspires pedigree and elegance, and the Clair de Rose is a wonderful representation of their exquisiteness. The excellence you get from this watch is almost unmatched, and the simplicity of its design does not take away from its professional look, nor does the price take away or scare off potential buyers. Overall, this is a great watch that makes for a perfect accessory and an ideal gift..
5 year warantee
Great wearability
Good price point for quality offered
100 m water resistance
Steel case on all models
Lack of features
Only available as mechanical movement
Editor's Score