About Us

Watchisit reviews was born out of a desire to provide valuable advice and opinions regarding premium timepieces. For many watch enthusiasts, buying a watch is more than just having a time telling mechanism, but can be seen as an investment or even a way of life.

Here at Watchisit reviews, we want to ensure that you are well equipped and informed to make your purchase whether small or large. As they say, ‘knowledge is power’, we now want to pass this on to you.


We only aim to review genuine classic and luxury watches and as the site is self-funded, some income may come from advertising on the site or via affiliate links to retailers.

All of our reviews are impartial and honest. We believe this is essential in helping you make the right choice especially at high prices. In the event that we are given a watch to review, if we deem it fit to add to the site, we will make this clear in the review.

We do not profess to be watchmakers, experts, nor do we sell watches, but if you want to get in contact with us, do please use the contact form below and we will get back you as soon as possible.

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