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Review: Omega Constellation Chronometer 29mm Ladies

Omega Constellation Co-axial Master Chronometer 29mm Steel
OMEGA Master Chronometer Calibre 8700 or 8701
Steel, Steel and Gold, or 18K Sedna Gold (set diamonds on some models)
Steel or Steel and Yellow gold
White, Silver, Grey, Blue, Brown or Yellow
Scratch resistant sapphire crystal with double-sided AR coating
Water Resistance
< 50 metres
Set crown
5 years
£4,700 - £22,000

With time being short for all us rudimentary creatures of flesh and blood, keeping track of it has always been so important. We all have 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week, 52 weeks in a year, and a limited amount of years on this earth. Unfortunately, there is nothing at this present moment to be done about that. You cannot stop time – but you can make the best of it.

And making the best of time can be as simple as buying yourself a lovely new watch to adorn your lovely wrist with. It is true that many people nowadays simply use their phones to check the time. But every minute you spend on your phone not doing anything important is a minute wasted, a minute you simply cannot get back.

So, take our word for it: you are going to want a watch. You will also want yourself an elegant-looking chronometer so that you will not simply be able to keep track of time, but look good while doing so. In this article, we are going to review the Omega Constellation Chronometer 29mm ladies collection. And by the end, you will know whether or not you want this shiny-looking adornment on your wrist.


Dials may be small and unobtrusive, but they are a crucial part of watch-design. They are, of course, the very things that allow you to keep track of the time. Without them, you would just be counting the numbers 1 through 12, making educated guesses about what the time is, wishing: if only there were something that pointed at the time for me.

Omega Constellation Co-axial Master Chronometer 29mm Steel and Gold Yellow dial
Omega Constellation Co-axial Master Chronometer 29mm Steel and Gold (Yellow dial)

Fortunately, Omega’s Constellation 29mm ladies watches do in fact come with a fully-functioning pair of hands, which all come in a variety of different colours. The hands are very slender, long, with a thin, skeletal leaf-shaped design. These are very elegant and mesmerising. And the choice of different colours is not something all watch-makers offer.

We think that the Constellation range’s choices of dials are exquisite, and suit equally beautiful designs for the rest of their watches. All of this for you, the elegant and discerning consumer.


Beyond keeping track of our valuable and limited time here, it is great to know that the watches we wear look good. Taking a look at the different cases of a watch can be the most fun part, as it determines the particular aesthetic you may be going for. We know that looks are not everything – but they are a lot.

And being a discerning consumer, you will want a broad selection of different cases, with enough variety that you will be able to find one that suits you perfectly (or as close to perfect as possible).

Omega Constellation Co-axial Master Chronometer 29mm Steel and Gold (Set diamonds)
Omega Constellation Co-axial Master Chronometer 29mm Steel and Gold (Set diamonds)

Now, the Omega Constellation 29mm range does not have much in terms of a variety of the basic design. The actual physical make-up of the watches – the construction of the faces, cases, and straps – all remain the same throughout each product. The differences between them lie in their cosmetics.

This is not the worst thing in the world, as that design is more than immaculate. Bevelled edges give the watch a uniquely delicate touch, and the crown sports half-moon-shaped notches, continuing the range’s interstellar motif. Some models feature diamonds inlaid all around the case. These diamonds are ornate and compact, giving the watch a sparkly and classy look.

Omega Constellation Co-axial Master Chronometer 29mm Steel caseback
Omega Constellation Co-axial Master Chronometer 29mm Steel (caseback)

But as we have said, this design does not change. When it comes to personalization, you have a wide variety of elegant two-tone colour combinations. Watch faces, while still sporting the exact same design, somehow still manage to appear unique from one another. They also all feature the company’s trademark OMEGA Master Chronometer Calibre, guaranteeing precision and performance, while also maintaining a high level of magnetic resistance.

Therefore, while we certainly cannot say much of the collection’s sense of variation, we can at least assure you that you will always get an elegant, stylish chronometer.



Of course, while you can certainly make one hell of a fashion statement, that will not count for much if you do not feel comfortable wearing one of these watches. You will need a delicate balance of function and form in order to make the most use out of your chronometer.

A number of different factors can determine a watch’s wearability. But perhaps the most prominent and obvious one is the choice of material. Some watches have the option for a calf-skin strap (or some other leather) while some offer only the basic material-choice of plain old steel.

Omega Constellation Co-axial Master Chronometer 29mm Steel and Gold Brown
Omega Constellation Co-axial Master Chronometer 29mm Steel and Gold (Brown)

Unfortunately, the Constellation 29mm collection falls into the latter category. This may not be the worst thing to hear – after all, their designs are impeccable. But for those with a more delicate touch about them, having their wrist bound in steel may be problematic. We could certainly recommend this to someone who has the fleshy constitution for it, but for those without, you may be better served in a different constellation.

Still, a watch’s wearability is a subjective factor, and can only be determined by the individual wearer.


Lastly, let us look at the prices for the Constellation Chronometer l29mm adies range. As a smart and able-minded consumer, you need to know if you are getting your money’s worth of ‘chronometering’ pleasure.

It seems that Omega prices each star in its expansive constellation at an ‘affordable premium’ rate, which is expected. Prices range from £4,000 (or $4,950) for the base Steel on Steel Constellation Chronometer 29mm model. The top line Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer 29MM (18K Sedna™ gold model with diamond-paved bezel and Sedna gold used for the hands, bracelet, markers and diamond holders) costs around £22,000 (or $27,100).

Omega Constellation Co-axial Master Chronometer 29mm 18K Sedna Gold
Omega Constellation Co-axial Master Chronometer 29mm 18K Sedna Gold (Stars dial)

If you are on the lookout, by all means, purchase one of these golden stars in Omega’s bright crown of suns. But if not, be prepared to look elsewhere.

Omega contellation ladies background
Review: Omega Constellation Chronometer 29mm Ladies
Final Thoughts
Beauty and elegance come at a price and Omega’s Constellation range offers you a wide - yet paradoxically limited - range of aesthetically-pleasing and stylish watches. However, for a wearer with the money to spend there are far worse watches on the market. And if nothing else, it will at least make for a good mantle-piece.
Lovely bevelled edges
Small and comfortable
Trusted and reliable (high anti-magnetism)
Elegant dials
No leather strap option
Simple features
There may be better options for price point
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