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Review: Montblanc Heritage

Montblanc Heritage GMT
MB 24.26, MB 24.05, MB 24.18, MB 25.12
Stainless steel
Steel or Leather
Silvery-white or salmon coloured
Convex sapphire crystal glass
Water Resistance
< 50 metres
40mm or 42mm
Set crown
2 years
£1,900 - £4,000

In these increasingly troubled and busy times, it can be difficult to keep track of the things that matter. While you may be fully enraptured in your work or some other activity, you may, in turn, forget to take some time off, relax a little. Or it could be the opposite – maybe you are simply too good at taking your time in everything that you do.

Regardless of which category you fall under, you may have noticed our excessive use of one word in particular – time. It is your most valuable asset, but it can quickly become your worst enemy if you do not keep track of it. And while smartphones are great, they can often work against you as well. Sometimes our phones are exactly what causes our time to dry up as quickly as it does.

What everyone needs is a watch. Small, unobtrusive, yet also stylish and elegant, watches are wonderful wrist-mounted devices that can be just what you need to stay on top of things. All it takes is a quick two-second glance at your watch to get your head back where it needs to be.

In this article, we are going to examine a collection of watches from distinguished watch-maker Montblanc. By the end, you will know if these are the watches you will want to invest in, or if you should instead check the time using something else. However, we can see the former option being the front runner here, and for good reason too.


Your watch’s dial is probably its most crucial feature. It is the very thing that allows it to perform its primary function of keeping the time. Beyond this though, it is also great when a dial can not only do what it is meant to but look good while doing so.

The primary features of a dial include the clock-face and hands, and it is these features of the dial that are the most customisable. Many revered watch-makers include some incredible design-work in the dials they produce. And luckily, Montblanc is no different.

Montblanc Heritage Automatic Day and Night (Leather)
Montblanc Heritage Automatic Day and Night (Leather)

There are a variety of different dials available, though each one is limited to one particular watch (unfortunately, you will not be able to mix and match here). These different designs include variations on the choice of numerical denotation (either Roman numerals or your standard “1, 2, 3’s”) as well as the choice of dual-clockwork.

The hour and minute hands have a greyish-silver sheen to them, making them subtlely stand out against the background (which can come in different colors). The second hand, on the other hand (yes, we did just say that) is a dark blue, and is perfectly visible against all else, meaning you will always be able to keep track of the exact second as it comes to pass.

These features all come together nicely to form classical yet luxurious time-piece, but as said earlier, you are limited in terms of personalisation.

Montblanc Heritage Monopusher Chronograph (close)
Montblanc Heritage Monopusher Chronograph (close)


Your watch’s case is what holds it all together. While clearly not as crucial as a fully-functioning dial, it is important to not underestimate the effect a great case can have. It is also one of the more customisable features of a watch, whose design aspects include crowns and frames.

Montblanc Heritage Automatic Salmon
Montblanc Heritage Automatic (Salmon face)

Montblanc’s case-design is pretty consistent across all the watches in its Heritage collection. The teeth on each watch’s crown are equal parts narrow and shallow, with not much space between them. Additionally, the only aspects of the frame which change are the area where the strap connects, and the size (either 38-40 mm, or 41-43 mm). Some of their watches make use of a flat balance hairspring, while more premium models use a screw balance measuring about 11.4 mm.

While these designs certainly look classical and professional, it would have been nice to see some more variety. That being said, the cases hold everything together, and they do so in an elegant, attractive-looking fashion.


The two aspects we have covered so far – the dials and the cases – mean nothing if you feel as though you would not wear the watch. Wearability is an important factor and should be paid more attention when it comes to watch-design in general. After all, if all you wanted was a pretty mantle-piece, you would go to a home decor store, not a watch-maker.

So how does Montblanc’s Heritage collection hold up in terms of wearability? Firstly, most of these Heritage watches come with leather straps as opposed to steel bracelets. While some may wish for something a bit more durable, it is no secret that leather just feels better on the skin in the long term.

Montblanc Heritage Monopusher Chronograph
Montblanc Heritage Monopusher Chronograph Steel

That being said, some do have traditional steel bracelets, but they are mostly thin, with light studs on the outside, making them a lot more comfortable than certain other watches.

Their watches are all powered by some of Montblanc’s finest, self-manufactured calibres. The Heritage Automatic model uses Montblanc’s MB 24.26 automatic calibre to power the movment. The other models such as the Heritage Automatic Day & Date use MB 24.18, whilst the Heritage GMT uses the MB 24.05 calibre. Regardless, you are promised a long-lasting power time, meaning that your clock will keep ticking throughout your day.

We are happy, therefore, to report that while the Heritage collection does not offer you much in terms of variety, no matter which watch you choose, you will be able to wear it without the worry of chafing, discomfort, or tightness.


Finally, let us take a look at the last aspect we consider when reviewing these watches – the price. No one wants to pay a small fortune for a watch (unless you are a millionaire of course) but it is important to remember that when it comes to any exclusive, premium product, you cannot expect to pay a cheap price.

That being said, the Heritage collection is certainly not the cheapest range of watches. These are heritage watches, after all, the type of watches worn with pride many decades ago. With such fine craftsmanship comes a high cost.

Montblanc Heritage Automatic Steel

The lowest price in this range is about £1,910 (or $2,415), which is already a pretty high bar, and it only gets higher from there. Their most expensive piece in the current collection will set you back about £5,000 (or $6,170) and it makes sense because this is their most limited-stock, most exquisitely-designed, and most premium of watches they have on offer.

If you choose to shop with Montblanc, make sure your’re doing it for the right reasons, you appreciate the simple luxuries in life and would rather not shout about it.

Montblanc Heritage Collection background
Review: Montblanc Heritage
Final Thoughts
Montblanc offers some fine craftsmanship in their Heritage collection of ornate chronometers. With such exquisite design, it unfortunately loses quite a bit in terms of customisability and features. Still, it is safe to say that if you purchase one, you will be able to comfortably and proudly show off your wrist knowing you have a classic, elegant watch that will stand the test of time.
Classic luxury look
Good dial readability
Trusted and reliable brand
Lack of strap options
Bland case choices
There may be better options for price point
Editor's Score